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The world is big, and can be a beautiful place. From the stunning natural mountains,valleys, oceans and forests come people who offer a different and sometimes unique perspective to life, love, and success.

People around the world have experiences that are universal regardless of the country they are from.

At booksincolor.net we bring you their stories.

We bring you multicultural stories of people and cultures around the world for you to enjoy, experience and relate to.

Can you relate to an Indian girl trying to figure out her place in the world?

Can you relate to a South American man pulled between duty and love?

Can you relate to the story of an Immigrant moving to a new land?

These books can be very hard to find, relegating these stories to the bottom of the pile unable  to find an audience.

Current Cycle of Successful Authors

Famous author publishes book with major publishing company –> Author gets press and features in the media –> Consumers buy the book because it’s featured and in the Press –> Book gets on the bestseller lists –> book sells a large amount of copies –> Author publishes another book.

And the cycle begins again.

If you aren’t already “in, meaning if you haven’t sold many books, or if you are a new author, it is extremely difficult to break into the book selling/successful author realm.

Of course some are successful. We’re all chasing the dragon of “bestseller” status. We try the new marketing technique hoping for the best and usually end up disappointed.

However, the more distribution channels you have, the better able you’ll be to sell more books.

With the closing of many independent bookstores, Borders and other book selling retailers (many online book retailers are also shuttering their doors), the outlet to reach customers of your book is getting smaller and smaller.

booksincolor.net is a distribution channel (store) for multicultural stories. ONLY multicultural books so your book becomes easier to find.

You don’t have to worry about competing with the major bestsellers, plus you know customers on booksincolor.net is searching for multicultural stories.

For Authors/Publishers

We pride ourselves on creating a marketplace where readers can explore a diverse selection of stories from around the world.

We’ve worked to give publishers maximum control of their books. Publishers will be able to upload novels and have them instantly available for sale. The publisher will set the price, decide when to offer discounts, choose which file types to offer, and select categories.
Booksincolor.net has no set-up fees and no special formatting requirements. Publishers will earn income on their very first sale, and all sales can be tracked in real time using our secure publisher reporting features.
Best of all, publishers will earn 75% of the retail price on each and every eBook sale.
With an open marketplace, it is easy to become flooded with low quality books and stories.
So, every book for sale on booksincolor.net will go through an approval process.
We will do our best to make sure the book is not plagiarized.
Some books will be flagged for review to make sure it follows our store guidelines.
We will do our best to offer quality multicultural books.
Do you have multiple books?
At booksincolor.net you can have an official “bookstore” branded with your information. You can place all of your available books for sale on your own store.

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